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Ward Family Foundation - Food Pantry Program

Our foundation published a comprehensive study of food pantry operating practices in July, 2008. The study evaluated the operating practices of 70 food pantries throughout the United States. The study uses a best practices scorecard to evaluate pantries using key criteria that focus on objective efficiency and effectiveness measurements.
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Ward Family Foundation - Safe Haven Program

There are approximately 100-150 Safe Haven programs nationally that house the chronically homeless, mentally ill population. While Safe Havens serve an important and especially needy segment of the population, minimal research to assist Safe Haven operators has been completed. Our study was published in July, 2005 and provides a comprehensive analysis of Safe Haven program strategies and operating practices.
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Ward Family Foundation - Homeless Shelters & Programs

Our foundation published a comprehensive study of homeless shelter operating practices in July, 2002. The study evaluated the operating practices of 22 emergency and transitional shelters in the Washington D.C. and Cincinnati, Ohio areas. Key performance benchmarks were developed, and 10 potential best practices for homeless shelters and programs were identified.
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